Aduro U-Drive Pro HD DVR Dash Camera

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Seamless video recording in loop to ensure the efficient use of storage which overwrites the unlocked oldest videos with the latest videos automatically. Multiple users interface languages Supported: English Spanish Portuguese Russian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese


  • Portable size with a 2.4" HD display screen easy to store or carry - One-button audio recording on/off for privacy protection concerns
  • One-button picture taking at the resolution of 5M pixels. - Camera view angle of 135° with a rotatable arm providing a very wide view - Manually adjustable brightness contrast white balance settings Manually adjustable microphone sensitivity when recording audio
  • Record video with the choices of 480p 720p and 1080p at 30fps frame rate Low light compensation ensuring high video quality even for driving in the evening - External Storage support: Up to 32GB TF card
  • Ignition Detection: The device is automatically turned on and recording when the engine starts and automatically turned off shortly after the engine is off. *Motion Detection:* The device automatically pauses video recording 30 seconds after the vehicle stops moving and automatically resumes recording when the vehicle starts to move. *Vibration Detection:* In parking the device is automatically turned on and recording when a vibration is detected.


30 Day Warranty





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