ALC Sighthd Video Doorbell with 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

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Answer your door from anywhere in the world with the ALC SightHD Video Doorbell with a 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera. Once connected with your home's Wi-Fi your paired smartphone will ring when the 1080p doorbell button is pushed. You have the option to answer view or ignore—just like at home! The outdoor waterproof doorbell offers on-camera recording to microSD card so there is no need to pay for additional services. You can automatically upload recorded video files to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account directly from the camera! 20 ft. of night vision and an infrared filter for true daytime color provide excellent images day or night. The free SightHD app keeps you connected 24/7/365! AWF71D 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell How does it work? Our doorbell connects directly to your existing wires from your original doorbell button. The original chime will still sound when the New Video Doorbell button is pushed. At the same time your smartphone will ring just like a regular phone call. You can answer your door from anywhere in the world at any time. See hear & talk to whoever is there! Note: Avoid installing in a location that requires the wireless signal to pass through cement concrete and metal structures. This will reduce the transmission range. Mounting Your Video Doorbell If you have a mechanical doorbell (looks similar to the below) which will make the traditional "ding-dong" sound then do the following: A. Turn off power to the doorbell. B. Remove the existing doorbell and disconnect the two wires. C. Connect the two wires as shown. Download & Install From your smart device Download and Install the free ALC SightHD App. it is compatible with ios and Android. Launch your app Launch the ALC SightHD App and the Setup Wizard will appear. Tap the plus sign to start the Wizard. Select your product All types of products available with the ALC SightHD App will appear here. Tap 'Doorbell' to add this product to your device. Find your device Tap 'New Doorbell' and the unit will start searching. Note that if the mobile device’s Bluetooth is not turned on a message will appear requesting to have the Bluetooth setting turned on.


  • Immediately calls your cell phone when doorbell button is pushed
  • Answer your door like you are home from anywhere
  • Powered by your existing doorbell wiring
  • Built-in memory for recording with no monthly fees
  • Human motion detection


30 Day Warranty





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