Domipet Cat and Small Dog Bed with 5-inch Thick Inner for Indoor Anti-Slip and Water-Resistant Bottom Durable Fabric Luxury Covered Cat Bed Cave Cute Large Tent Enclosed Cat Bed, Dark Brown


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Brand: Domipet

Color: brown


  • A COMFY AND SAFE BED: Cats are at their most vulnerable while sleeping, so they prefer to rest in areas where they feel safe and secure. Domipet cat bed cave is a safe bet for its enclosed shape, which offers security, and its large base, which is ideal for stretching or for larger cats to curl. “It’s a ‘safe’ feeling, enclosed space that they tend to love.
  • EASY FOR YOUR CAT TO GET IN AND OUT OF: Soft to the touch, and warm. The covered cat bed is also made of soft velvet and has a base designed to be skid-free and waterproof. For your furry friend’s optimal experience. If you have a kitten or older cat, you'll want to make extra sure that the walls of the cute cat bed are low enough so that your kitten or senior cat can get in and out easily. The cat cave bed has a shorter entrance area with high walls to keep your cat feeling cozy.
  • RETAINS ITS SHAPE: Large cat bed can collapse for easy storage when it is not in use,and easy to assemble.Domipet Cat Bed provides a 5-inch thick inner pad which can provide a comfortable sleeping environment for cats.The cat tent bed with a pillow can be replaced on both sides,one side is plush suitable for winter,and the other side is sackcloth suitable for summer.Domipet is pet-centric, safely constructed,and durable.For enclosed cat bed,in particular, it long-lasting,and resistant to stains.
  • HOW TO GET YOUR CAT TO USE CAT BED & WASH WAY: Place the cat house bed where your cat enjoys sleeping or locate the cat bed house in a sunny spot. Put one of your cat's items in the cat bed, like a favorite pillow. TIPS: The inner pillow can be removed easily for cleaning. It is recommended to expose the inner cotton directly to the sun instead of washing it. In order to maintain the structure of the frame, the cat bed cave can only be washed by hand, not machine washed.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR PET: Make sure your cat can stretch out comfortably but don't get one that is too big. You may want to measure your cat from his head to the base of his tale and add a few inches. Comes with a wool ball, which many kitties love. Covered cat bed: 15.7*18.8*18.8 inches, Thick Inner Pad: 17* 16.5*5 inches Larger pet beds are roomy for cats and smaller dogs. Domipet provides caring customer service, with fast and reliable dedication and assistance.

Package Dimensions: 23.5 x 19.2 x 6.9 inches

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