Moshi Elite U-Neck Massage Pillow With Built In Reading Light

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Have you ever wanted a soft plush wraparound neck pillow with a built-in reading light and massager? Of course you have! And now you can! Moshi's new Elite Neck Pillow enables you to read in low-light conditions AND receive a soothing relaxing neck massage at the same time. The neck massager has two speeds one lower when you want to gently wash away the stress of the day and one higher when you want to knock out a muscle kink or two. Button closure keeps the pillow firmly around your neck so it never slips off. Rarely has "3-in-1" meant so much pleasure: it's a neck pillow reading light and massager all in one. You'll love it! This Unique Design Moshi Elite U-Neck Pillow features LED reading lights and adjustable force massage devices based on ordinary U-shaped neck pillows that protect the fragile cervical spine. Its interior filling material is special a low-bounce particle material first developed by NASA in 1970 to relieve gravity during the rocket liftoff of the astronauts and to maintain the comfort of the cabin seats. Later in order to apply this excellent special material to ordinary households a Danish company called "Tempur" after in-depth study developed a civilian material this high-density polyurethane rubber low rebound special material with uniform absorption of impact uniform dispersion of pressure. It is an environmentally friendly foam particle only 0.5mm in diameter each neck pillow filled with about 900 000 it has the memory rebound function in the pillow inside can flow smoothly so can be squeezed to fit exactly to the face. The front material is active ultra-soft 2-3mm high very soft and comfortable more resistant to wear back material for high elasticity milk velvet thickness 200g/m2 smooth very good elasticity. In order to prevent accidental slip " there is a button design can be buckled when used. There are also rotating hooks on the side for easy travel.


  • Self-adjusting fit for the perfect customized support
  • Button closure to ensure the pillow stays in place
  • Soft plush material that feels wonderful around your neck


30 Day Warranty





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