Permanent Metal Match Lighter Forever Keychain Lighter Waterproof Match EDC Emergency Matchstick Survival Flint Fire Starter (Fuel Not Included)


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Brand: Fancyspark


  • 🔥REUSABLE AND REFILLABLE: The sturdy flint match strike lighter good for at least 15,000 strikes. Durable and waterproof. With the premium quality magnesium core striker, Works equally well when wet or cold.
  • 🔥EASY TO USE:Unscrew magnesium rod striker and fill with gasoline or kerosene first. (Fuel not included due to the airmail regulation) Put the striker back into the tube, let the cotton core absorbs the fuel. Then quickly strike against flint strip on side of body to ignite fire.
  • 🔥LIGHTWEIGHT POCKET SIZE: Easy carry with the effective keychain, can attach with your keychain, your bag pack belt and so on. perfect to be included in emergency kit, great for hiking, camping, outdoor survival or use as lighter for smokers
  • 🔥GREAT EDC TOOL: This keychain lighter made of practical metal material. Built with bullet shape, which is stylish and fashionable. Is a great essential life-saving EDC tool for Picnic, bbq parties, firework and many other emergency survival occasions.
  • 🔥AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If you are dissatisfied with this product, please contact us immediately and get a full refund within 90 days. Also provides 1 years of quality assurance.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: HOW TO USE IT 1. Fill with kerosene first. Hold the lighter with your left hand and unscrew the striker shaft. 2. Make sure you are holding the striker shaft at a 45-degree angle with the flint rod. 3. Slightly press and quickly slide the striker along the flint to the steel. Upward or downward is OK, please be careful not to hurt your finger. Tip: when you get your first fire steel, please make sure to thoroughly scrape off the black coating and then you'll start to notice that the sparks will get bigger and bigger as you expose the actual fire steel to the scraper. CAUTION Do not keep using the lighter if there is lighter fluid insufficient. If you see the flame is weak and the wick becomes difficult to be ignited, then you may need to refill it. When the wick is burned to black and become short, the wick can’t absorb enough fluid so it will be difficult to ignite. Please extend or change the wick by the steps as below. 1. Pull the steel scraper out by pliers. 2. Slowly pull the wick out, stop pulling if you think it’s long enough. Please directly change the wick if it’s too short to wrap the scraper. 3. Put the scraper back to the middle of the wick, and then lightly hammer it back to the pipe. 4. The exposed part of the wick should be at least half of the length of the exposed scraper.

Package Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.0 x 0.6 inches

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